Artist Statement

I consider myself an experimental artist: I enjoy playing with different media and styles and, in my process, improvisation is central. My work oscillates between realism and abstraction, and it is ultimately a reflection of the way I see the world and my creative self in it. In both my drawings and paintings, I explore the line and its essential quality as a powerful tool to go beyond the visible reality in front of me and to convey the gestural effects, sense of gravity, lightness, impending movements, and inner lives of  my subjects. Similarly, I like to experiment with the transparency of watercolors and inks on wet paper to create abstract effects with shapes, lights and volumes that emerge, freely, from the pigment running on the surface. I then go back to work on the line with ink pens, charcoal or graphite to reimagine my initial composition and to redefine and give life to its figurative elements.