Winter/Spring 2019                            The Night Owl by the Tree House, St Louis, MO

Fall 2016                                             Crave Coffee House, St. Louis, MO

Summer 2016                                     La Taverna, pub and pizza, Feltre (BL) ITALY

Spring 2016                                        Green Center, University City St Louis MO

2008-2007                                         Site-Specific Installation Set design for theater production, UC Davis


Spring/Fall 2017                                Art @Des Peres Hospital in St Louis, MO  Art St Louis

Summer 2016                                    30th Mostra dell’ Artigianato, Art at the Exhibition Feltre (BL), ITALY


Winter 2020                                       Heaven and Earth, Art Saint Louis, St Louis MO

Fall 2019                                            Prism: An Exploration of Color, Manchester Arts, City of Manchester

Winter 2018                                       The Art of Building, Soulard Art Gallery, St Louis MO

Spring 2018                                       Show Us Your Beastly Beauties, Soulard Art Gallery, St Louis MO

Alchemy: Water and Pigment, Soulard Art Gallery, St Louis MO

Spring 2017                                       Living Color: a Watercolor Exhibit, Soulard Art Gallery, St Louis MO

Winter 2017                                       MySLArt. Org, 33 January exhibit The Old Orchard Gallery Historic Webster Groves, MO

Personal Space, Art Saint Louis, St Louis MO

Fall 2016                                            Mix Tape: art about and inspired by music Art Saint Louis, St Louis MO

Summer 2016                                     Wide Open, Soulard Art Gallery, St Louis MO

Spring 2016                                       Living Color, Soulard Art Gallery, St Louis MO

Spring 2016                                       Freedom Imagined; Freedom Lived, Lindenwood J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts, St Charles MO

Flashback, Soulard Art Gallery, St Louis MO

Spring 2008                                       Ellen Hansen Memorial , Women Research and Resource Center, UC Davis

Fall 2007                                            The Curious lives of Documents. Midnight University, Department of Anthropology, UC Davis


Spring 2021                                       Dreamlife, Art Saint Louis, St Louis MO

Underground Art Show, STL Arts Chamber of Commerce, St Louis MO

Winter 2021                                       New Perspectives in Drawing and Painting, Saint Louis Artists Guild, St Louis MO

                                                            Human Touch, Art Saint Louis, St Louis MO

Fall 2020                                           This Moment, Art Saint Louis, St Louis MO

Summer 2020                                   Life Interrupted, Art Saint Louis, St Louis MO


Award of Excellence, Heaven and Earth, Winter 2020

Award of Excellence, Personal Space Art St Louis, Winter 2017


May 2021, Stravaigh #9 “From Alba to Appalachia”

Scottish Center for Geopoetics


September 2020, “This Moment” Artist Q&A Series Six, Art Saint Louis, MO


May 2020, Art Saint Louis/Art Dialogue Q&A Series Three, Art Saint Louis, MO


May 2020, Stravaigh #8 “Rivers and Forests”

Scottish Center for Geopoetics